University of Ghana Sports Stadium

Smart lighting solution for Accra Stadiums achieves 1500lux and ensures an efficient lighting solution

We are proud to have supplied the smart floodlighting solution for the University of Ghana Sports Stadium in Accra, Ghana. This stadium served as the main stadium for the 13th African Games.

The 13th African Games were held in Ghana from 8-23 March 2024. This significant event showcased the abundance of talent across the continent, serving not only as a prelude to the Olympics but also as a platform for athletes to compete and celebrate their skills. Accra hosted the games, with two sub-host cities, Kumasi and Cape Coast, also participating for the first time. Team South Africa won a total of 106 medals.

We supplied the lighting solution for the main stadium, namely the University of Ghana Sports Stadium, the Rugby Stadium and the Warm-Up Track in Accra, and was professionally installed by their local partner, Lightingale Limited and their associate Electrosafe cc.

View the video showcasing the lighting effects of the main stadium here:

New University Road
South Africa


University Of Ghana
Consar Ltd, Lightingale Limited

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University of Ghana Sports Stadium and Rugby Stadium

We supplied the wireless sports lighting control solution and OMNIBLAST-2-E MAXI floodlights for the University of Ghana Sports Stadium and Rugby Stadium, ensuring the client received the most economical and energy-efficient lighting solution.

1500lux was achieved, meeting IAAF Standards and FIFA Junior and Olympic lighting level requirements.

Schréder ITERRA is a complete user- and installer-friendly wireless control solution for sports lighting applications, which ensures comfort and effective energy management. This includes dimming, scheduling, monitoring and the creation of dynamic lighting scenarios to entertain fans. It offers site managers a robust, cost-effective and futureproof platform to run their infrastructure with the utmost flexibility for adapting the lighting to any scenario or event while maximising energy savings and providing the best experience for players and fans.

Being a mobile App-based system, Schréder ITERRA is very easy to operate. It comes with an intuitive visual interface that users can quickly personalise to a layout and setting of their preference.

Schréder ITERRA is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the state-of-the-art wireless communication standard, and is fully compatible with all recent smartphones and tablets. The use of open and standard technologies, coupled with the handy App, makes Schréder ITERRA a true plug-and-play remote control solution for extracting the full potential of the lighting installation.

Warm-Up Track
OMNIBLAST-2-E MAXI floodlights illuminate the Warm-Up Track.  The OMNIBLAST-E is the ideal tool for sports venues and other very large area applications that require a lighting solution with the highest efficiency and flexibility to adapt to the different lighting needs.

Available in a MIDI and MAXI variant, this LED solution offers an alternative, with proven benefits, to traditional floodlights fitted with 400W to 2000W HID lamps. The OMNIBLAST-E meets various lighting applications prerequisites, ranging from general area lighting to recreational sports lighting, up to professional broadcasting requirements, matching the horizontal and vertical obligatory lighting levels respectively. This makes it compliant with UHD/HD/4K broadcast and super slow-motion replays, as the lighting is flicker-free.

The OMNIBLAST-E’s modular concept of optical units means that 1, 2 or 3 modules can be mounted on a similar bracket arrangement to offer the utmost versatility, thereby providing a light distribution and lumen package perfectly adapted to the specifications of the area to be illuminated.

For this project, the BlastFlex™4 photometric engine was used, offering the highest efficiency for directional beams dedicated to specific applications in architectural and sports lighting. The ability to control the light with the highest accuracy reduces light pollution to surrounding areas, ensures uniformity on the area being lit and contributes to optimal use of the energy consumed.

The OMNIBLAST-E guarantees perfect glare control, a high colour rendering index (CRI) and meets the required television lighting consistency index (TLCI), as well as providing flicker-free lighting. The OMNIBLAST-E MAXI incorporates a patented cooling technology that maximises its lifespan and lumen output.

About BEKA Schréder

We develop and manufacture energy-efficient LED lighting products in South Africa, designed and suitable for the African continent.

We are very proud to be associated with Consar Ltd, Lightingale Limited and Electrosafe cc in providing a successful smart LED floodlighting solution for this project.