Plaza de Armas

Sustainable lighting solution creates safe, pleasant town centre, protects migrating birds and reduces energy costs

Buin in the Greater Santiago region is a popular tourist destination thanks to its annual Harvest Festival, celebrating the local wine industry. Poor lighting in the town had been hampering the parade celebrations as crime and the feeling of insecurity increased.

In 2011, the local authorities decided to launch an energy efficiency plan with LED technology to improve lighting levels, offering a better quality of light with reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

They also wanted a harmonious and aesthetic ambiance so that residents and visitors would feel safe and reclaim the urban space.

For the main square - Plaza de Armas - where the cultural and civic activities take place in this area, a total of 47 Isla LED luminaires have replaced 188 sphere fittings. They not only improve the lighting levels and offer excellent visual comfort but also deliver impressive energy savings of 81%.

They are also proving to be a low cost maintenance solution with a pleasing aesthetic design. The luminaires perfectly integrate the landscape and compliment the original ornamental posts which were preserved to reduce investment costs.

The Isla LED has also reduced CO2 emissions by 81% and its precise light distribution is also helping to preserve the biodiversity.
The old luminaires were directing more than 55% of their light output on the surrounding foliage which was affecting the behaviour of the migrating birds.

The façade of the town hall which borders the square is illuminated by 22 BaroLED floodlights which diffuse a gentle white light and distinguish the building.
The fountain on the square is lit by 4 Acqueo floodlights with a dynamic colour variation scheme to provide an eye-catching nocturnal feature.

Plaza de Armas was the first square in Chile to be completely lit with LED technology.
The local authorities are pleased with the project thanks to the generous energy and maintenance savings, the improved feeling of safety and the strengthening of the town’s identity as a tourist destination.

The residents are delighted as they have rediscovered this popular spot with a warm and convivial atmosphere.

Plaza de Armas