Saint-Nazaire Station

Smart lighting solution to facilitate movement in this modern urban environment and minimise light pollution for local nature

In 2019, after 14 months of renovation work, the 3,000 passengers who pass through the Saint-Nazaire train station every day were delighted to discover a more welcoming, comfortable and functional environment.

A landscaped parvis has been created in front of the station to improve accessibility and develop intermodal transport options with a drop-off point and parking areas for bikes.

The SNCF appointed the lighting design agency Noctiluca to create a lighting design scheme that would enhance the identity of the station, access roads and new spaces with minimal impact on the nocturnal environment.

Rozenn Le Couillard, the lighting designer, was inspired by the local Brière Regional Natural Park, a protected natural area, to explore light and shade. She wanted to deliver a sensitive and environmentally conscious lighting scheme for this urban nightscape and respect the natural context. 

''In this natural setting, we asked ourselves, do we really need to light the road to the north as cars are already equipped with headlights? Why light the road as well? For the safety of pedestrians, it seems more appropriate to light the footpaths,” explains Rozenn Le Couillard. 


Urban lighting for an eco-friendly zone 

Rozenn worked in collaboration with Schréder to develop a lighting solution with the energy-efficient POSSESSION luminaire. This stand-alone and waterproof module can be adapted to all types of street furniture. For this project, the POSSESSION were integrated into custom-made TMC Innovation poles, with a modern design.

Three POSSESSION luminaires equipped with 12 LEDs were installed on the poles. One module has LEDs  aligned with the pole while the other two modules are positioned perpendicularly to direct the light exactly where it is needed, mitigating the risk of light pollution.  

They deliver a warm white light with an orange hue (2,700K and 3,000K) to preserve the natural eco-systems of the wildlife, including bats, in the marshlands of the neighbouring Brière Regional Natural Park. 

Place Pierre Sémard


Gare de Saint-Nazaire


Contracting authority: CARENE + Saint Nazaire Council
Architects: SEURA + Luma-K
Lighting design: Noctiluca
Landscape design: Atelier Roberta
Engineering office: SCE
Installation contractor: Lucitéa
Columns: TMC Innovation
2 700 - 3000 K

Smart lighting to ensure safety and save energy

The luminaires are also equipped with motion sensors and controlled by Schréder EXEDRA so that the lighting can be dimmed when no-one is using the spaces. When a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle arrives, the sensor sends a signal to the next luminaire to increase the level of light. This light-on-demand feature enables passengers to move around in complete safety while saving energy when lighting is not needed.

The SNCF and the commuters are delighted with the redevelopment that facilitates a more sustainable travel and a healthier lifestyle. The new lighting has significantly improved the safety, vibrancy and quality of this modern urban landscape with a sustainable and sensitive approach for nature.