Arraiolos LED village

First large scale urban lighting scheme based exclusively on LED technology and remote management in Portugal

Sustainability, security and comfort were the objectives pursued by the village of Arraiolos when re-lighting its historic centre.

Renowned worldwide for its tapestries, the local authorities wanted to preserve the village’s patrimony and improve the quality of life for the inhabitants while taking environmental concerns into consideration.

In collaboration with ECLIPZ, a lighting design company, the Arraiolos Historical Centre Public Lighting Plan was drawn up. It is the first large-scale lighting project based exclusively on LED technology in Portugal and incorporates a remote management system.

The RIVARA, equipped with 36 high-power LEDs in warm white that provides a high colour rendering index and great visual comfort, was designed for the pedestrian areas and roads.

The new plan with the RIVARA LED luminaires will generate energy savings of approximately 50% per luminaire and dramatically reduce maintenance costs.

The luminaires are also equipped with a remote management system to adapt the lighting levels during the night. Each luminaire is controlled individually from a centralised system and could enable the local authorities to generate additional energy savings of 30%.

Rua Cunha Rivara


Arraiolos council


Lighting design: ECLIPZ

It is now possible to enjoy the public spaces of Arraiolos 24 hours a day with comfort and safety. LED technology is known for exceptional colour rendering and indeed it allows us to enjoy the colour and architectural richness of the buildings and green spaces, even at night.

Florbela Vitorino - architect - Arraiolos council
Florbela Vitorino
Architect - Arraiolos council