Jamor public swimming pool complex

New LED sports lighting delivers the required levels for high-competition sports and HDTV with less energy

Jamor Swimming Pool Complex, which opened in July 1998, was the first indoor installation in Portugal capable of hosting national and international competitions for all aquatic disciplines. The complex incorporates an Olympic-sized swimming pool (50mx25mx2.1m), a 25mx20m swimming pool with an adjustable floor up to 5m and a diving tower (10m, 7.5m, 5m, 3m and 1m) and trampolines (3m and 1m high). It can seat up to 1,200 spectators.

The existing lighting had deteriorated and maintenance had become a real headache for staff. The IPDJ, responsible for managing the centre, decided to replace the lighting with LED luminaires that would deliver energy and operational benefits while ensuring the lighting levels required for high-level competitions and HDTV broadcasting.

LED sports lighting to comply with European standard EN 12193:2007

The IPDJ was clear - the new lighting had to comply with class I of the European standard EN 12193:2007 as well as provide the necessary lux for high-definition television broadcasting when needed.

To achieve this goal, all of the old floodlights fitted with traditional discharge lamps were to be replaced. Additional floodlights also needed to be installed above the pool as well as the finish line to meet the specific requirements for photo finishing.

More light with less energy

In total, the 66 existing fixtures with 1,000W lamps (energy consumption of approximately 79,200W) were replaced by 66 OMNISTAR LED floodlights (40 of 451W and 26 of 530W). 
An additional 10 OMNISTAR (451W) were installed above the pool and 2 (530W) above the finish line. 
Even though 12 new floodlights were installed, the energy-efficiency of these fixtures has reduced the total power of the installation by more than 50% (from 79,200W to 37,390W), significantly reducing the energy bill. 

Moreover, the floodlights will require little maintenance and have a much longer operating life, delivering considerable operational benefits for IPDJ.

LED sports lighting so athletes can enjoy and surpass themselves

The new lighting provides the necessary vertical and horizontal illuminance and uniformity so athletes can practice their sport with high visual comfort. The floodlights deliver a quality bright white light, with lighting levels in excess of 500 lux, improving visibility and the perception of colours so the centre can host national and international competitions. They ensure clear and vivid images to broadcast these competitions on television. 

In short, the new LED sports lighting has delighted the local population and enabled the IPDJ to achieve all of its objectives.

Av. Pierre de Coubertin, 1495-688 Cruz Quebrada