Aurubis Belgium

High-bay LED industry lighting solution reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs

Aurubis Belgium, located in Olen, belongs to the Aurubis Group, leader in the production and recycling of copper. The Belgian site specialises amongst other things in the production of cathodes, bars and profiles and is a central Group site for Western European markets.

In 2020, the site manager decided to revive an old industrial hall to store copper coils and rods. The hall was equipped with fixtures fitted with traditional discharge lamps and the company decided to upgrade the lighting to a more reliable solution for the industrial environment. They wanted a lighting solution that would:

  • reduce energy consumption
  • limit maintenance operations and thus cut costs
  • ensure excellent visibility to improve safety for staff. 

Aurubis Belgium trusted Schréder as an experienced partner in industrial lighting to deliver a solution that would meet all the criteria. We proposed the OMNISTAR and the hall is now lit with 22 luminaires installed at a height of 16m.

Robust and efficient lighting

With its robust design and light weight, the OMNISTAR delivers a quick return on investment with efficient, energy-efficient lighting.
Due to the high installation height, the luminaires are fitted with very narrow optics to ensure perfect visibility throughout the hall. 
The new LED lighting delivers a bright white light, creating a safer and more pleasant working environment for employees.  

Minimal maintenance

The old fixtures required regular maintenance to change the lamps and control gear. This was not an easy operation given the height and represented a significant cost. Thanks to the long service life of the LEDs and the strong mechanical design of the OMNISTAR, any maintenance operations and associated costs will be considerably reduced.

Aesthetic outdoor lighting with perfect visibility

In addition to lighting the renovated hall, Aurubis Belgium also called on us to light the car park at its new head office. The managers were looking for a lighting solution with a refined design to complement the modern architecture of the building, while ensuring perfect visibility for the utmost safety of visitors and staff

The YOA luminaire on the Lyre console was ideal. This unmistakably stylish and modern luminaire blends in perfectly with the architecture and the surroundings. 
Mounted on the Lyre console, the ensemble brings an elegant touch to the landscape, creating a positive first impression and a strong sense of identity for the company. 

Thanks to its high-performing photometric engine (LensoFlex®2), YOA delivers the necessary light levels - providing excellent visibility and high visual comfort during the hours of darkness  - while maximising energy savings. 

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Aurubis Belgium