Zug Lake lighting plan

The HapiLED has transformed the banks of Zug Lake by creating a vibrant nocturnal landscape

Nestled in between snow-dusted mountains and with an impressive lake, the town of Zug offers many outdoor activities for its residents.

For several years, Zug has been improving its infrastructure with forward-looking investment projects.
In 2015, the local authorities decided to replace the lighting along the banks of the Zug lake.
They wanted to improve safety and to create a more vibrant nocturnal landscape so that its residents could take full advantage of the outdoor facilities or simply enjoy the superb views of the lake.

In collaboration with the lighting design firm, Nachtaktiv, they chose the HapiLED by Schréder for this new lighting scheme.

They were impressed by its’ elegant aesthetic design which enhances the landscape while significantly reducing operating costs thanks to the latest technology that this LED luminaire incorporates.

In addition, the HapiLED has strongly reduced the town’s light pollution.

Just over 85 HapiLED luminaires (fitted with 24 and 32 LEDs) have been installed on the town’s main square and along the banks of the lake, breathing new life into the town at night.



Zug city council


Lighting design: Nachtaktiv