Greenstar 3 D/I

Continuous suspended direct/indirect linear aluminium profile with integral driver

  • high grade aluminium profile
  • Replaceable modular gear trays
  • Optional stand-alone surge protection
  • SELV LED Engine
Base System

Australian made high grade aluminium profile, replaceable quick fit gear tray modules with safety lanyards, optional stand-alone surge protection, 3mm screw-less endplates

Light Engine

Custom board with Samsung LED package, quality European drivers as standard


Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
GREENSTAR 3 – 45 GS3 D/I :44x95
GREENSTAR 3 – 60 GS3 D/I: 59 x 110
Weight (kg | lbs)
GREENSTAR 3 – 45 GS3 D/I : 3.3
GREENSTAR 3 – 60 GS3 D/I: 4.2
Mounting possibilities
Suspended mounting
Hook(s) for suspension

Control systems

Control link