New generation of iconic road luminaires with an appealing design and state-of-the-art LED technology


Citea NG enhances urban environments by creating spaces where people feel safe and good, making your city a more attractive place to live and to visit. With a timeless and elegant design, Citea NG takes advantage of the latest LED technology to generate significant energy savings.
Citea NG is available in two sizes (Mini and Midi) to meet the various lighting requirements of the city.
Combined with our elegant poles and brackets, the Citea NG lighting solutions create aesthetic designs to enhance numerous urban spaces, such as large urban squares or streets, avenues, pedestrian areas and residential zones.
The Citea NG street luminaires are ready for your future Smart City projects thanks to the dedicated range of Owlet control solutions.

  • Next generation of lighting
  • The Citea NG (New Generation) was developed to incorporate the latest technological innovations into a classic Schréder luminaire.
    It perfectly combines innovations in optical performance, heat management and energy savings in a pure aesthetic design.
    The Citea NG is a beneficial lighting solution to replace fixtures equipped with traditional discharge lamps.

  • Superior energy savings
  • The Citea NG luminaire creates value for towns and cities around the world by generating energy savings in many urban environments. These outdoor luminaires contribute to an effective management of finances and to a responsible use of energy.

  • Improved safety
  • Local authorities care for their citizens by providing infrastructure that makes them feel safe and comfortable. From bicycle paths to pedestrian crossings to large boulevards, this range of outdoor LED luminaires creates environments where motorists, cyclists and pedestrians feel safe.
    By combining control options such as dimming and motion detection, only the necessary amount of energy is used.

  • For a circular economy
  • The Citea NG street luminaires meet circular economy requirements thanks to the FutureProof concept. The optical unit can be easily removed, allowing real on-site replacement at the end of its service life or to take advantage of future technological developments.
    In addition, the luminaires are composed of durable and recyclable materials: a painted aluminium body and crown with a flat tempered glass protector.


Recommended installation height (m)
4.0 - 
Electrical class
Nominal voltage
Surge protection (kV)
Control protocol(s)
Socket option(s)
Associated control system(s)
Luminaire output flux (lm)
680 - 
Power consumption (W)
8.7 - 
Luminaire efficacy - up to (lm/W)
Colour rendering index (CRI)
Upward Light Output Ratio (ULOR)
Tempered glass
Tightness level
Impact resistance
Any other RAL or AKZO colour upon request
All configurations
Operating temperature range (Ta)
-30 °C up to +55 °C / -22 ° F up to 131 °F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Dimensions and mounting

AxBxC (mm | inch)
CITEA NG MINI - 500x160x500 | 19.7x6.3x19.7
CITEA NG MIDI - 595x185x595 | 23.4x7.3x23.4
Weight (kg | lbs)
CITEA NG MINI - 12.0 | 26.4
CITEA NG MIDI - 15.0 | 33.0
Mounting possibilities
Suspended 1’’ gas female
Suspended 1’’ gas male
Post-top slip-over – Ø60mm
Side-entry slip-over – Ø60mm
Side-entry penetrating – Ø60mm

Control systems

Control options for Citea NG

The Citea NG urban lighting solution is available with the following dimming/control options:
• Bi-power
• Custom dimming profile
• Bluetooth
• 1-10V
• Remote management

The Citea NG luminaires can integrate the Owlet range of control solutions to operate either in stand-alone mode, in an autonomous network or an interoperable network.
Dimming scenarios and light-on-demand features including sensors can adapt the lighting to the real needs of the place to ensure safety and well-being in the most sustainable way.

Control link

Installation and Maintenance

Multiple mounting options

Citea NG offers a versatile installation thanks to a multitude of mounting options to suit the exact needs of your project.

Side-entry mounting:
• Slip-over on a Ø60mm spigot
• Penetrating for a Ø60mm tube
• Direct (square 40x40mm)

Side-entry mounting with knuckle joint:
• Slip-over on a Ø60mm spigot
• Penetrating for a Ø60mm tube
• Direct (square 50x60mm)
• Male or female on 1” gaz tube
• Direct on wall / pole

Post-top mounting:
• Direct
• Single (one luminaire) with a 5° inclination, on a Ø60mm spigot
• Double (two luminaires) with a 5° inclination, on a Ø60mm spigot

Suspended mounting:
• Catenary
• Male or female on 1” gaz tube
• With a knuckle joint: male or female on 1” gaz tube

Poles and Brackets


Created by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the Equinoxe ensemble, fitted with the Citea NG luminaire, is particularly suited to lighting avenues, boulevards or public squares.
The Equinoxe ensemble is comprised of a cylindrical-conical lighting column made from galvanised, thermolacquered steel and an aluminium bracket.


Citea NG can be installed on various Vector brackets (single, double or wall) for a perfect integration into the urban landscape.


The Citea NG urban luminaire can also be combined with the successful Flo brackets for a sleek and modern design.


Schreder-Citea NG-Side entry fixations - Installation sheet-RevA.pdf
Schreder-Citea NG side entry with swivel fixations-Installation sheet-RevA.pdf
Schreder-CITEA NG Mini Midi 2019 Side entry-Installation Sheet-RevB.pdf