Lezíria bike path

Solar lighting solution helps Castro Marim achieve its sustainable mobility goals and protect the flora and fauna of its marshes

Castro Marim is a small town in the south of Portugal, bordering Spain to the east and just 3 km from Vila Real de Santo António.

One of its most important natural treasures is the Castro Marim-Vila Real de Santo António Marsh Nature Reserve, Portugal's first classified nature reserve, a valuable ecosystem with many species of flora and fauna, considered an international reference for its biodiversity.

A national road, which was built many years ago, crosses this area, but there was no path for walking or cycling in this natural landscape.

A path to encourage active mobility

As part of its decarbonisation and sustainable mobility plan, Castro Marim decided to build a 3-kilometre long bike and pedestrian path plan to link Castro Marim to Vila Real de Santo António so that residents and tourists can make the most of the landscape. This project was funded by the PO CRESC Algarve 2020, within the framework of the PADRE Action Plan approved for the Lower Guadiana in the READY operation, supported by Portugal and the European Union and co-financed to 70% by the ERDF.

100% solar lighting solution

As there is no lighting on the national road that runs along the Lezíria cycle path (as it is now known), the council decided to install lighting so that it could be used safely after sunset.

From a technical point of view, they wanted a solution that was unobtrusive and self-sufficient.

Following a public tender, the Schréder solution featuring the GIRA SOL luminaire which is powered exclusively by solar energy was chosen.

High-generation solar panels and high-performance luminaires

The GIRA SOL solar lighting solution consists of a 4m high column with a high-generation photovoltaic panel and a high-performance IZYLUM luminaire with excellent photometric control to direct light exactly where it is needed.

In addition, the system has pre-set lighting levels that reduce the lighting to a minimum after periods of heavy use to minimise the impact on the flora and fauna of this nature reserve.

Castro Marim


Castro Marim Council


solar lighting columns
kWh/year energy saved
tonnes/year less CO2 emissions

Financial savings and a reduced ecological footprint

A total of 113 solar-powered, off-grid luminaires have been installed, avoiding the time-consuming and costly construction of an electrical grid infrastructure, estimated at more than €100,000. 

They will save 14,472kWh of energy and 6,367 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year compared to a similar lighting solution connected to a grid, making a significant contribution to Castro Marim's sustainability goals and reducing its environmental footprint.

Sustainable lighting in Schréder's DNA

It has always been part of Schréder's DNA to help local authorities install lighting solutions that contribute to their sustainability strategy and have a positive impact on the mobility of their citizens.

We were therefore delighted to supply this solar-powered off-grid lighting solution for the Lezíria cycle path between Castro Marim and Vila Real de Santo António, which is an example for other similar projects.