MIL Campus - University of Montreal

SHUFFLE sustainably lights this campus to guide people, encourage interactions and complement the architecture

For many years, the old Outremont Train Yard was a scar on Montreal’s urban landscape until the University of Montreal took it over in 2019 to create the new MIL campus. The complete transformation is an impressive feat of engineering and a true architectural jewel for the city of Montreal.

The Science Complex, which formed the first phase of the campus, was inaugurated on 20th September 2019. This 60,000m2 complex comprises two hubs – one for teaching and one for research – and is home to more than 200 professors and 2,000 students from various scientific departments. The stunning modern structure is LEED NC Gold certified and kicked off the regeneration of the entire urban landscape by creating a dynamic neighbourhood where student life, research and arts coexist.

Sustainability at the heart of this living urban lab 

Sustainability was at the heart of the development and integrated into the decision-making process, in line with the objectives of the Montréal Climate Plan 2020-2030. When choosing the lighting for the outdoor spaces, designed to be extended zones for students, academics and researchers to gather and interact, it was therefore important to install an energy-efficient solution.

Aesthetics for an unifying and strong identity 

The developers were also keen to install lighting furniture that would complement the contemporary architecture and enhance the atmosphere of this high-tech, innovative campus. 

It is equally important that the outdoor spaces – including two large landscaped courtyards - are as open and fluid as possible to be conducive to exchange and networking.

SHUFFLE: sustainable lighting infrastructure with a refined design

The SHUFFLE smart pole ticked all the boxes. This aesthetic column provides a bright white light for a safe and comfortable night-time landscape while using minimal energy. It enables people of all ages to move around with ease and even linger after the sun sets, encouraging discussion and social interaction.

With its modern, refined design, the SHUFFLE reflects the architecture of the complex and visually balances the landscape.

A futureproof and scalable solution

Thanks to the modularity of the SHUFFLE smart pole, the technology inside the modules can be easily upgraded at any time to meet future demands.

The poles can also be adapted to integrate features such as loudspeakers, CCTV, WiFi, EV chargers or sensors to create a truly responsive environment that meets the needs of the people who use it.

By integrating different features in the pole, the University will preserve the large open spaces from becoming cluttered and minimise its carbon footprint.

1070 Beaumont Ave, Mount Royal


Architects: Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes | Lemay | NFOE architecture
Landscape design: Projet Paysage
Engineering: Bouthillette Parizeau | Pageau Morel | SNC-Lavalin

The public spaces contain unique urban furniture, lighting highlighting the building and nature as well as refined materials, offering a singular experience and a very attractive place.

Projet Paysages - Landscape Architects

An award-winning project

This regenerated district has won architecture and engineering prizes in Montreal for its unique and innovative design. Projet Paysage, the landscape architects, won first prize at the ‘13e Grands Prix du Design’ in the category of Landscape Design category. 

The engineering teams have also won many awards including the 2023 Award of Excellence in Architecture from the Ordre des architectes du Québec and the 2022 Grands Prix du Design in the Architecture category.