Shaping the future of sports floodlighting


The ultimate Aussie-engineered sports floodlight is a high-performing floodlight with leading optical control and innovative design. RAPTOR 3 will provide better spill control and less windage for sports venues as well as other large areas. With razor-sharp reflector systems and asymmetric distribution – four new beam options, the RAPTOR 3 is born to perform.

Its versatile mounting system, with its heavy-duty trunnion arm, RAPTOR 3 is compatible with under and over-slung mounting arrangements.

RAPTOR 3 has cutting-edge technology to offer uniformity and visual comfort for players, spectators, and neighbours (low glare and minimised light spill). RAPTOR 3 is fully compatible with Schréder ITERRA Sports Control System.

  • High energy efficiency
  • Increased lumen output and lower system wattage, resulting in reduced energy costs and improved sustainability

  • Unique design
  • Allows for over and under-slinging on the pole cross arm and rotation around the fitting to assist in precision aiming

  • Built tough to survive
  • Manufactured from Die Cast LM6 aluminium frame and heat sink with 316 stainless steel fixings. All exposed cabling is protected by stainless steel conduit. Resulting in IP66 and IK06 protection

  • Sharper optical technology
  • New and improved optical reflector system. Provides excellent control of glare and spill light for the stringent AS4282 requirements

  • Designed in Australia for Australian and New Zealand conditions
  • High lumen efficacy over 120lms/w
  • Precision reflector systems, designed to control spill light
  • Asymmetric distribution, with three beam options
  • Available in CCT 5700K & 4000K CRI 70
  • Integral driver assembly 240V and 415V DALI
  • Die-cast aluminium body, UV stabilized powder coated for durability
  • Colour: black heatsink with grey frame
  • Optimal reliability with 5 year warranty
  • All exposed cabling has bird proof conduit
  • Supplied with bird spikes



Výška instalace (m)
12.0 - 
Třída ochrany
Přepěťová ochrana (kV)
Power consumption (W)
600.0 - 
Barevná teplota světla
Index podání barev (CRI)
Die-cast LM6 aluminium frame
Ochranný kryt
Tempered glass
Powder coated
Standard colour
Stupeň krytí
Odolnost proti nárazu
Rozsah provozních teplot (Ta)
0°C to + 40°C

Rozměry a uchycení

AxBxC (mm | inch)
741 x 594 x 171
Váha (kg | lbs)
415V - 25.5
240V - 25.0
Možnosti uchycení

Control systems

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