Bespoke luminaire developed with Marc Aurel for Perrache Station rewarded “Janus de la Cité” Award

Bespoke lighting for Perrache Station awarded Janus de la Cité by French Design Institute

Since 1953, the French Design Institute has been awarding its JANUS Label of Excellence to companies and communities that make a lasting contribution to the design of innovative products, spaces and services for the benefit of users.

Every year, it rewards design excellence that meets all the assessment criteria in terms of  Economy, Esthetics, Ergonomic, Ethic and Emotion.

This year, the Institute attributed the Janus de la Cité Award, which rewards products and services that enhance the daily living environment of inhabitants and visitors, to the Perrache Station Passageway.

Bespoke lighting for Perrache Station has created a high quality space, improving the quality of life for commuters

Located under Perrache Station in Lyon, the newly renovated France Pejot Passage, which had been used mainly by cars until recently, is now an exclusive gateway to the south of the city for pedestrians and cyclists. Lighting played a major role in transforming this underground to create a safe and homely feel. 

The lighting designer, Marc Aurel, had wanted a majestic luminaire like ones found in palace halls to bring his vision to life. The bespoke Perrache luminaire, which is available in 3 sizes (ranging from 750 to 1000mm in diameter), certainly met the brief, giving this public space a new lease of life, improving connectivity thanks to a sense of comfort and quality. 

By awarding this prize, the French Design Institute highlighted the positive impact of this project on the social, economic and environmental aspects of urban life.

Bespoke lighting for Perrache Station has been designed with the latest technology to be as economical as possible


The design stems from an existing luminaire which is much smaller in size, reducing the design process, and was manufactured in our Schréder SIGNATURE workshop in Saint-Florent-sur-Cher, France. 

Fitted with energy-efficient LEDs, the luminaire reduces energy and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the luminaires are programmed with 5 different lighting scenarios to adapt the lighting to the actual needs of the people using the passage and save even more energy. 

Bespoke lighting for Perrache Station awarded Janus de la Cité for transforming underground passage into sophisticated space


The majestic design with iridescent colours creates a unique identity for this underground passageway turning it into a warm, sophisticated public space.
The luminaire's quality finish with high attention to detail, including no visible screws, has resulted in a smooth surface that shimmers in the ambient light. 

Bespoke luminaire for Perrache Station has a high-quality finish to reflect the nature of this high-quality space and to last for many years to come


With maintenance a challenge in this underground environment the luminaire was designed so that the optical unit could be easily removed, implementing the principles of circular economy. 
The lighting can thus evolve in the future with technology. 

Bespoke lighting has created a high-quality space that facilitates urban mobility


The lighting complies with all standards and regulations, specifically those defined by the city of Lyon.
Thanks to the different lighting scenarios, it optimises energy consumption and thanks to the use of robust materials, will do so for many years to come. 

Bespoke lighting creams warm homely feel for Perrache underground passage


Without a doubt, the lighting has reshaped the character of this passage. Whilst previously people where anxious about passing through, they now move with a sense of safety, comfort and enjoyment. The imposing custom-design with iridescent colours captures the eye, leaving no-one indifferent. 

The JANUS label is a real recognition of our work for Perrache Station. We are proud that this bespoke luminaire, designed with Studio Aurel urban design, was rewarded with the “Janus de la Cité”. 
This accolade rewards the synergy between our teams of experts and partners to provide a custom design service to our customers. 
This specific know-how has existed for many years and allows us, in collaboration with lighting designers and designers, to create unique luminaires to light our cities. 

Gérard Lesage - General Manager - Comatelec Schréder
Gérard Lesage
General Manager - Comatelec Schréder

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