Queen Alexandra Bridge

Distinctive illumination to create a striking night element

The Focal was chosen to illuminate Queen Alexandra Bridge in Sunderland thanks to its ability to precisely control the lighting distribution. Opened in 1909, the bridge is a road traffic and pedestrian bridge spanning the River Wear. It was renovated in 2006 and Sunderland city council decided to make it more of an architectural feature at night.

However there are limited vantage points to see it from a distance. In collaboration with the lighting consultants Stainton Lighting Design Services and Aurora Street Lighting Limited, it was decided to give the motorist and pedestrians the full impact of the new lighting. Therefore, controlling the direction of the lighting became the number one concern.

A successful mission for more than 440 Focal floodlights equipped with refractor lenses. The shadows created by the lighting highlight the depth of the structure, giving the onlooker a unique perspective and an eye-catching feature at night.

Pallion New Road
United Kingdom


Lighting design: Stainton Lighting Design Services (SLDS)
Lighting design: Aurora Street Lighting Limited