Sistema Poland

INDU BAY creates a safe and more productive working environment while reducing costs in this busy warehouse

Founded in 1994, Sistema Poland has grown to become the largest provider of comprehensive logistics services for the automotive industry in Poland.
The company uses advanced technological solutions throughout the 220,000m2 of warehouse space it manages to provide its customers with an efficient, convenient and reliable service.  

The company recently renovated its 65,000m² warehouse in Lodz as part of its continuous mission to improve performance.
It converted the open spaced hall into a stockage area with floor to ceiling shelves with an optimised layout for efficient circulation, material handling and storage processes. The modernised hall required a new lighting scheme that would respect the health and safety regulations defined by the Polish National Labour Inspectorate. 


Lighting upgrade to ensure safety and reduce costs

The company wanted an energy-efficient LED lighting solution to achieve the required lighting levels, reduce operating costs and contribute to a cleaner environment.
They opted for the INDU BAY.
This robust high-bay fixture delivers a crisp white light, right where it is needed to create a safe working environment. 


Improved Visibility, Better Productivity & Energy Savings 

In addition, with a high colour rending index of 80, the INDU BAY ensures excellent visibility for the workers so that they can easily distinguish the different packages and read the labels, reducing the possibility of errors and increasing productivity

Some of the luminaires have integrated motion sensors to enable “on-demand” lighting so that they are only switched on when members of staff are present, reducing burn time and energy consumption for further savings with no impact on productivity.

Swietej Teresy 105


Sistema Poland

The new lighting has gone beyond our expectations. The quality of the light output is very good and clear for all to see. The staff really appreciate it. In addition, we are very happy with the added benefits of savings on power consumption and virtually no maintenance costs. 

Maintenance & Facilities Manager
Sistema Poland

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