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Efficient yet affordable industrial lighting


INDU LINE enables a fast return on investment for lighting industrial halls, warehouses and many other applications. Thanks to its long life span, high energy efficiency and ability to adapt the light levels according to the actual needs, it provides the perfect linear lighting solution.
INDU LINE helps to optimise employee productivity thanks to its high visual comfort which ensures perfect visibility in the workplace and makes it more attractive.
This LED luminaire can be integrated in Building Management Systems (BMS) thanks to the DALI protocol, generating further savings.
Discover this efficient yet affordable industrial indoor lighting solution!

  • Fast Return On Investment
  • This high-performing solution provides an energy efficient lighting solution. With a lifetime 5 times longer than a fluorescent tube, this modern linear LED luminaire lowers the total cost of ownership of a lighting installation and eliminates the need for maintenance.

  • More productivity and safer working conditions
  • INDU LINE creates safe and human-centric environments, transforming traditional industrial facilities into more attractive workplaces thanks to its low glare and high colour rendering index (CRI). This luminaire is fitted with a sanded protector to diffuse a glare free light (120°) and creates comfortable environments while maintaining a high lumen efficacy that generates high energy savings.

  • Flexible solution
  • Available in 3 sizes, it can be wall or surface-mounted with a daisy chain for semi-continuous lighting. The INDU LINE industrial lighting solution can be controlled via the DALI 2.0 or 1-10V protocol.

  • Nothing but benefits for lighting harsh environments
  • INDU LINE is a robust and efficient LED alternative for fixtures fitted with traditional fluorescent tubes. It provides the perfect solution for lighting industrial halls, warehouses, corridors, underground car parks, underpasses and many more environments with harsh conditions. The INDU LINE industrial lighting solution has a strong mechanical design that makes it highly resistant to shocks and vibrations while its high tightness level makes it ideal for dusty and wet locations.

Integrates Building Management Systems for more savings

The INDU LINE indoor lighting solution can be integrated into Building Management Systems (DALI 2.0 or 1-10V) and use the same communication protocol as other services, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This offers opportunities to monitor energy costs and savings throughout the entire facility.

Emergency and light-on-demand lighting

As an option, INDU LINE can be equipped with an auxiliary battery. In case of a power outage, it offers emergency lighting (500lm) for 3 hours. This feature reduces the inconvenience of a power grid failure and helps you to maintain a certain level of activity in your facilities. INDU LINE can also be equipped with a motion/daylight sensor for light-on-demand scenarios.


Výška instalace (m)
4.0 - 
Třída ochrany
Jmenovité napětí
Přepěťová ochrana (kV)
Protokoly regulace
Výstupní sv. tok svítidla (lm)
400 - 
Power consumption (W)
6.0 - 
Účinnost svítidla (lm/W)
Barevná teplota světla
Index podání barev (CRI)
Composite materials
Ochranný kryt
Stupeň krytí
Odolnost proti nárazu
Všechny konfigurace
Rozsah provozních teplot (Ta)
-20°C up to +40°C / -4°F up to 104°F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Rozměry a uchycení

AxBxC (mm | inch)
INDU LINE GEN3 1 - 60x74x621 | 2.4x2.9x24.4
INDU LINE GEN3 1 EM - 60x74x621 | 2.4x2.9x24.4
INDU LINE GEN3 2 - 60x74x1201 | 2.4x2.9x47.3
INDU LINE GEN3 2 EM - 60x74x1201 | 2.4x2.9x47.3
INDU LINE GEN3 3 - 60x74x1501 | 2.4x2.9x59.1
INDU LINE GEN3 3 EM - 60x74x1501 | 2.4x2.9x59.1
Váha (kg | lbs)
INDU LINE GEN3 1 - 0.6 | 1.3
INDU LINE GEN3 1 EM - 0.6 | 1.3
INDU LINE GEN3 2 - 0.9 | 1.9
INDU LINE GEN3 2 EM - 0.9 | 1.9
INDU LINE GEN3 3 - 1.0 | 2.2
INDU LINE GEN3 3 EM - 1.0 | 2.2
Možnosti uchycení
Surface mounting
Direct mounting on ceiling
Hook(s) for suspension

Control systems

Control options of INDU LINE

The following dimming options are possible for the INDU LINE industrial lighting solution:
• 1 - 10V
• DALI 2.0
• Motion sensor
With the standardised DALI 2.0 protocol, INDU LINE can be easily integrated into a building management system (BMS). The addition of a motion sensor unit enables the creation of light-on-demand scenarios.

Control link

Instalace a údržba

Surface or pendant mounting

INDU LINE is designed for installation at a height of 4 to 6m and is available with two metal clips on the back of the body for surface/wall mounting or with an additional triangle accessory, for standard pendant mounting.

Daisy chain connection

As an option, when installing multiple INDU LINES, a daisy chain connection can be used thanks to in and out cables.