Flexible lighting solution for all areas of the tunnel


FV32 LED is an energy-efficient lighting solution adapted to a wide range of different tunnel applications, including town and motorway tunnels and underpasses, to ensure safety at all times. This robust luminaire offers a high level of protection against corrosion, impacts and vibrations. It provides a low maintenance versatile solution.
The FV32 LED is available with different mounting systems that enable the luminaire to be inclined on-site for an optimal photometry. With its tool free opening and the possibility to easily replace its photometric engine and power supply, FV32 LED meets circular economy criteria.
This tunnel lighting solution can be managed by various dimming systems, providing a FutureProof solution for your smart tunnel requirements.

  • Improved tunnel safety
  • Thanks to the high performance of its photometric engine, that can be adapted to a wide range of different tunnel applications, FV32 LED is the optimal solution to ensure safety in tunnel areas at all times.

  • Low maintenance and flexible installation
  • Available in 4 sizes, FV32 LED enables a flexible installation. The inclination angle can be adjusted on-site for an optimal photometry. This tunnel luminaire requires low maintenance due to its sturdy mechanical design, which offers a high level of protection against impacts, vibrations and even corrosion. The tool free front door opening provides an easy access to the components once the luminaires are installed.

  • Maximised energy savings
  • Maximal flexibility with a minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) was the driving force behind the development of the FV32 LED. This tunnel lighting solution is equipped with the state-of-the-art LED technology and offers various dimming and remote management options for a dramatic reduction in energy consumption.

  • Superior heat resistance
  • Thanks to the ThermiX® concept developed by Schréder, FV32 LED optimises heat extraction and is an excellent option for tunnels in climates with extreme temperatures.

Towards circular economy

FV32 LED follows the principles of the circular economy. It provides a tool free access to the main components. Both the photometric engine and the drivers can be replaced on-site to take advantage of any future technological developments. Each LED optical compartment can be replaced individually, leading to a longer life span of the luminaire.


Výška instalace (m)
3.0 - 
Třída ochrany
Přepěťová ochrana (kV)
Protokoly regulace
Výstupní sv. tok svítidla (lm)
3599 - 
Power consumption (W)
35.9 - 
Účinnost svítidla (lm/W)
Barevná teplota světla
Index podání barev (CRI)
Ochranný kryt
Tempered glass
Stupeň krytí
Odolnost proti nárazu
Všechny konfigurace
Rozsah provozních teplot (Ta)
-20 °C up to +45 °C / -4 °F up to 113 °F
Depending on the luminaire configuration. For more details, please contact us.

Rozměry a uchycení

AxBxC (mm | inch)
FV32 LED 1 - 272x135x560 | 10.7x5.3x22.0
FV32 LED 2 - 272x135x888 | 10.7x5.3x35.0
FV32 LED 3 - 272x135x1265 | 10.7x5.3x49.8
Váha (kg | lbs)
FV32 LED 1 - 10.0 | 22.0
FV32 LED 2 - 17.0 | 37.4
FV32 LED 3 - 23.0 | 50.6
Možnosti uchycení
Surface mounting
Bracket enabling adjustable inclination

Control systems

Control options for FV32 LED

The FV32 LED luminaire has the following dimming / control options:
· 1-10V
· Custom dimming profile
· Remote management by 1-10V

Control systems can be adapted to meet your requirements and integrated into the backbone system of a tunnel installation. The FV32 LED tunnel lighting solution can be managed by the Advanced Tunnel Control System (ATS) to offer the highest savings and to provide an optimal driving experience.

Control link

Instalace a údržba

Fixed suspended mountings

FV32 can be mounted using specific brackets that prevent galvanic corrosion between the aluminium body and the stainless steel bolts in grooves subjected to water retention. As an option, the luminaire can be mounted using ‘Z’-shaped (I), swiveling (II) or swiveling and adjustable brackets (III).

Pull-out suspended mountings

FV32 LED is available with other optional pull-out suspended mounting systems; tilting (I), horizontal (II) or swiveling and adjustable in 3 directions (III).

Accessories and versions

Complete solutions

FV32 LED offers as an option a series of accessories that create a complete tunnel solution, including emergency lighting, road markings or even fixtures for service tunnels

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